OMG!....what's in a name?
OMG! Fantastic Foods is proud & delighted to bring you our innovative range of desserts & puddings currently selling in Woolworth's ...and Coles supermarkets throughout Australia. We've set out to bring you a range of sweet treats that not only taste terrific, but also offer outstanding value! Let's face it, it's not often you can buy two great tasting desserts for around $3.00!

But why use OMG! as a brand name we hear you ask?

The letters OMG! are often seen & used in society today as an exclamation, to grab attention etc., and whilst there are several interpretations of these initials (for example: wikipedia lists over 20 different references) we prefer to use Oh My Goodness - not only for exclamation - but also in reference to our great products!

So please try both the taste goodness & value goodness of our puddings & desserts - they're made from the heart, and we hope you'll love them!


Richard - our Baker
Richard Harris has over 30 years experience in baking and making deserts and puddings. Each recipe has been tried and tested in our test kitchens to ensure the highest quality is achieved. Richard personally oversees all his bakers to bring fresh, yummy desserts for the whole family to enjoy!

Where to find our Desserts!
In the chiller section of your local Woolworths or Coles supermarkets!
Serving Hints
Try adding fresh season Berries or Mango slices to accompany any of our mouth watering desserts!